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SecurAX: Where Technology Enables Security & Safety!!

Author : Nandini Mukherjee
Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Nandini Mukherjee

The Indian real estate and construction being a highly capital intensive industry surely garners sweet fruits for industry stakeholders. But at the same time, it also presents ample amount of risks of managing a huge labor force, security and safety of men, material and machine among many other threats. Optimizing the use of resources and attaining cost efficiencies is a huge challenge that triggers the need to keep a bird’s eye on the activities involved in the construction process and the movement of living and non living entities. Reasoned to this, many builders involved in commercial and residential projects are increasingly relying on various high tech security gadgets and proactive safety systems.

With endless options available today, it has become convenient for the builders to choose security and surveillance equipments suiting their requirements. These may include automated boom barriers to monitor and control vehicle entry into sites, biometric systems to control access by the workforce to the site,smart card based access control systems that permit only authorized personnel to facilities within the site, video door phones within apartments to secure individual flats from trespassers, remote monitored CCTV systems to monitor premises against squatters and trespassers and smart cardbased patrol management systems that track the manual surveillance of security personnel. However, not every player in security and surveillance segment is able to comprehend the importance of residential and construction security and cater to the builders’ needs in a way SecurAX has done. SecurAX, founded by three techies-Prasanna Kotha, Deepak Belavadi, and Praveen Reddy in 2012, is a Bangalore based system integration and service provider for Biometrics, RFID, and Security & Safety systems. The company is torchbearer in providing cloud based 'Solution as a Service' that enables builders to deploy security systems quickly without incurring huge fixed costs and eliminate operational over heads of managing these security systems.

Identifying the Risk Matrix

Major challenges for construction companies today include monitoring the productivity of their labor force, preventing or tracing material theft and ensuring high quality work with minimal impact on residents at the site. Vehicle access control is another issue post construction. It is difficult to implement a wired solution having the systems' power distribution and cabling lay out correctly for larger projects. To overcome this, SecurAX has built software products by integrating different security and surveillance equipments which provide a complete end to end solution and helps companies in reducing overhead and operational cost. "Our biometric and RFID solutions help construction companies optimize labor costs, track assets and inventory effectively. The security and safety solutions offered by us helps in implementing integrated security and safety solutions in their construction projects," says Prasanna Kotha, Co-Founder & CEO, SecurAX.

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